Catholic Priest Convicted of Raping 14-year-old Two Decades Ago

The Catholic Church and its sexual abuse reports are endless! Two decades ago, a German Catholic Priest, then a chaplain, raped an innocent 14-year-old girl on several occasions.

The chaplain told the girl that if she did not have sex with him, the girl would not go to heaven. The girl was coerced into entering the violent and brutal assault, and threatened with dire punishment at the hands of God if ever she related the incidents to anyone.

Thankfully, she has now and 20 years later, justice has been delivered! In March, the woman contacted the diocese of Osnabrueck and the charge was placed. The priest has been relieved from his Church duties and has accepted raping the girl, the prosecutor said.

Online Gambling up amongst Students

Over the last couple of years online gambling has become more and more popular amongst college students in the US. According to a new survey the numbers are up by 12% this year. The US prohibited online gambling in 2006 which resulted in many online casino and sport betting companies pulling out of that market and a temporary decrease in the number of people playing online. But soon everything went back to normal, approximately the same number of people gambles online now. This shows that a prohibition of online gambling does not work. People have been gambling since many centuries and even today if someone wants to gamble he/she will always find an outlet.

In Europe many countries have started to go into a different direction. Instead of forbidding online gambling they are trying to regulate and tax their online casino industry. France has just recently opened up a licensing project for their online casino industry and countries such as Germany and Holland will start looking into their current laws after the EU has warned them that their gambling monopolies are against European law. To play your favorite online casino spiele will soon be easier and with all the great bonuses even more fun.

Betting on the Outcome

Some punters in Europe must have gotten bored with their casino games and sports. After betting on university grades and movie box office results, you can now bet on the outcome of the US midterm elections which are coming up soon. In November the Republicans and Democrats have to face American voters and tensions are high. Looking at the odds punters think that the Republicans will do better then the Democrats but I guess we will still have to wait a few more weeks to find out who hit the jackpot.

Until then playing at a casino online no matter where you are in Europe can be huge fun as well, the Spanish casinos en linea are offering extra bonuses and is having great promotions too.

USM Students Tour Casino

Students enrolled in USM’s Introduction to Casino Management class were in for a treat on Thursday when they were offered a field trip to the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. Students were allowed to meet with senior executives to find out how the casino operates in this rare educational opportunity.

They were shown across the entire property from the gaming room floor to the VIP suites. The highlight was being granted access to private rooms never before seen by the general public. This field trip allowed students to find out more about the industry first-hand by the experts and will help them decide if this is part of the industry they want to be in. Let’s hope they didn’t get a chance to play casino games as some of them might have been under 21!

Tribal Casinos see Revenues down

In Arizona the tribal casinos have reported a sharp fall in profits this year. They earned about $1.7 billion in the last fiscal year from gamblers but this is 300 million less then a year earlier. The tribes are working to make it easier for people to come out to see them and trying to give incentives to get profits back up.

Everyone thought the casino industry is recession proofed but after the financial crisis many are struggling. Revenues are reported to be down in Las Vegas as well as other places. With increased competition all over, new casinos in Philadelphia, New York and Maryland, many will struggle for some time to come.

The online casino industry has also picked up and is providing a good option for people not wanting to travel. Playing at a casino online is usually cheaper, since they offer bonuses and players do not need to travel and pay for accommodation. The most recommended casino play at these days is the French Casino Action, go to

Double Up

People have always had a big interest in gambling. All over the world people play games and bet on something everyday. In 2007 nearly half of the US and two-thirds of Britain’s population were betting at a UK casino. Gambling restrictions imposed by the various governments has not much of an effect. The total global gambling market is estimated to be around $335 billion a year. Online gambling still only takes a small part of this, but it is seeing huge increases, since more and more people have access to the internet.

Many casino and sport betting operators had to adjust to a new and much more competitive market. Online casinos are for instance offering bonuses and many promotion. In addition, it is easier to play casino games online at any time, since you do not need to travel around to start playing and often with using a bonus or a promotion you can plat at the casino gratis. It will be interesting to see if the trend to legalizing gambling and a move towards playing online will continue.