Las Vegas Sands grows in Asia

The growth of the Las Vegas Sands casino has surprised many analysts this month. The company was struggling a few years ago before it expanded into Asia. Opening a casino in Singapore as well as in Macau helped increase their profits. The strong growth of gambling profits in Asia contributed to Las Vegas Sands profitability.

In Singapore the casino just opened in April and is hugely popular. Macau is growing constantly as well. Asia is the new gambling hub taking in more profits then Las Vegas. Many companies are looking to expand into that market as well as online. Poker sites is one target companies are looking into.

The established online casinos such as Golden Tiger Casino are hugely popular. Many are offering a great casino bonus with which you can play juegos casino easily.

Foxwoods enters Online Casino Market

The land-based casino operator Foxwood has announced that it will form a joint venture with Goodson Gaming. The aim is to create a new online casino combining it with a weekly television game show. The game show will help promote the new casino. Many other land-based casino operators have been looking into a move online.

Online casinos such as the are hugely popular. In Europe many people play at a casino online using bonuses and promotions offered by the various online casinos. The casino games or casino spela are very similar to the land-based games and create a perfect and save environment for lots of gaming fun. It will be interesting to see which land-based casino will follow Foxwoods steps.

The Beauty and the Beast

The new Channel 4 TV show, Beauty and the Beast, has drawn tremendous criticism from world media. The reality show apparently figures two people living together, one of them is disfigured and the other ‘normal’.

The show captures the life of two people and seeks to give its viewer a peep into how beauty governs the lives and perceptions of people. Terming the show as an ‘extraordinary freak show’, the Mediawatch UK campaign director Vivienne Pattison said, ‘putting a disfigured person in a mirrored house in the name of entertainment is neither healthy nor an appropriate subject for a TV programm.’

The new show figuratively highlights the voyeuristic tendency in human beings but according to the Channel 4 spokespersons, ‘the series aims to challenge people’s narrow definition of beauty in a frank and engaging format.’

More bad News for Atlantic City

Atlantic City has been struggling since the financial crisis and since the US is still not fully recovered and unemployment numbers are up, prospects are not looking great. The numbers for Atlantic City most endangered casinos is painting a grim picture. The 3rd quarter numbers show big losses while numbers in Las Vegas are looking slowly better. Some of the worst hit hotels are trying to restructure their debt and are looking for new owners.

Atlantic City has tried hard to bring back tourists but increased competition is not helping. Not only did many other casinos open in states nearby but also online casinos are being very successful. Playing at a casino online has many advantages. Often you receive an online casino bonus and many other promotions, this makes playing cheaper. Furthermore, for playing online casino games you do not need to book accommodation and travel around, again saving costs. For hard pressed consumers the choice will be who offers the best games and entertainment at the best cost.

More Casinos to move Online

After the huge success of UK online casinos many are looking to move into the online gaming industry. Land-based casinos have been struggling while online casinos are still growing in numbers. With better technology and graphics playing at a casino online has become the preferred option for many.

Now Las Vegas casinos as well as specific casinos run by tribes are looking to open up online operations to increase their profits. While in the US online casinos is prohibited, in Europe many countries are rethinking their legislation. Places like the UK and France are at the forefront. Gambling is after all a good revenue source for them. Playing online casino games can be just as much fun as playing at a “real” roulette table. It is often cheaper and many argue safer to play online.

Perryville Casino makes good Revenues in November

After a very strong start the newly opened casino saw less profits in November in comparison to October. Revenues were still strong though reaching $7.6 Million. The fourth quarter of the year is generally slower for casinos so the lesser revenues were expected, especially after the hype of the opening. Perryville casino is one of the many casinos in the area. Many states are competing with each other including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. With talks that online gambling might be legalized soon as well, competition will even be stronger.

Many prefer online casinos to land-based ones. Playing at a casino online is usually more convenient and often cheaper since you can use an online casino bonus. Shopping around for those is essential though since many casinos offer very different deals. Online casino UK operators often have the best deals.