Las Vegas Casinos are ignoring Smoking Ban

It seems to be still perfectly normal for people to smoke in Las Vegas Casinos. A recent NYTimes report uncovered that the public smoking ban was not enforced in casinos. The casino staff is pressing for change alarmed by the 2nd hand smoke they have to breath in everyday at work. Many casino is argue it would be bad for their revenue if they ban smoking but is that really the case?

Anyway if you do not want to sit in a smoked up environment I would recommend to play instead at a casino online. Online casinos such as Casino Classic and Casino Action, have other advantages as well. They often are cheaper and let you play for free if you use an online casino bonus.Might be the better option until Las Vegas casinos kick out smoking.

Prince William and Kate Middleton getting Married soon

In the UK everyone is going crazy. Finally after 8 years of waiting Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. The wedding is planned for the end of April this year. Many see the wedding as savior of the monarchy which has seen its reputation and popularity plummet.

Speculations around the wedding are the next big thing. Bookies are already taking bets on everything from where the wedding will be, to when and who will be the bridesmaids. It will be definitely interesting to see. If you do not feel like betting on the wedding you can always play casino games at some of the popular online casinos. Online casinos such as Casino Classic are very popular and are offering great bonuses and promotion which makes playing even better.

People playing less Slots

Since August people have been playing less on slot machines but revenue from slot machines is up in many casinos. Hollywood casinos blames the new table games which have been introduced increasing the choice for people to gamble. At the same time revenue on slots have been up since casinos seem to offer less free and bonus money to players but also players have been loosing more.

Maybe this is not the right time to play at a land-based casino. Try instead one of the many really cool slots at an online casino. The software has been improving constantly and many new ones are on the marked. UK online casinos have been on the forefront in this development. Be sure to check the new games out.

Online Gambling Made Illegal in South Africa

The North Gauteng High Court in South Africa has ruled for making online gambling illegal. The court decided that it is illegal to ‘use digital products to gamble in South Africa. Enforcing the ban will be difficult since a large percentage of residents gamble online.

A complete ban of online casinos such as the famous Casino Action is controversial. Many believe that this will not solve gambling addictions but merely pushes people to gamble in more unsafe environments. This has become very obvious in the US. People are now pushing for a regulated market which will be saver and more secure. In Europe some countries have acted on this already. Introducing taxes, rules and new regulations.

Gambling legal in Sri Lanka

Gambling in Sri Lanka has been approved by the government to boost tourism. Sri Lanka is working hard to increase its tourist numbers and is using the new gambling boom in Asia to ramp up numbers. Singapore and Macau have seen tourist come in spending at their casinos and increasing local revenue. Sri Lanka is hoping for the same development. Maybe some of the international casino operators will soon set up operations there. Asia has seen strong growth and is recovering from the financial crisis much better. While the US is still struggling and numbers are only slowly picking up.

Playing at a casino online has also become very popular. Many do not travel anymore around the world to be in Las Vegas but instead play at home. Online casinos such as Casino Action give out an online casino bonus and many other promotions thus making it cheaper to play and more accessible for many.

Maryland gets 2nd Casino

After voters approved a law to legalize slot machine gambling, the 2nd casino has opened in the state. It brings around 300 jobs to the resort town Ocean City and has over 750 slot machines on offer for all gambling fans. The new casino costs about $45 million and is hoping to attract a huge amount of visitors and tourists. Maryland’s first casino opened just a few months ago and has reported good profits.

The new casinos in Maryland are facing further competition from casinos across state borders. Many gamblers also like to play in online casinos especially when they offer the games and help in different languages such as a Spanish casino en linea or German. Furthermore, online casinos are becoming more attractive in bad times, with the help of an online casino bonus
people can play for free. If you have a chance to visit Maryland check out the new casino and let us know if it is worth visiting.