Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon 2011

Novak Djokovic beat Rafa Nadal on Sunday to lift his second major of the year. He has now become the new world number one! Djokovic defeated the defending champion Rafael Nadal 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3. Speaking after the tournament he said: “I achieved a lifetime goal and I made my dream come true in three days.” This year he has also won the Australian Open and six ATP Tour titles and he went to number 1 after beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the semis. If you want to read more about the newest updates on sport check out:!

Online Gambling to be legalized in US?

Online gambling advocates in the US are hopeful that online casino games and online poker will soon be allowed again in the US. It has been prohibited by law since 2006 but a growing number of Americans are gambling regularly online. It is a huge market worth more than $6 billion a year.

With many states running out of money, online gambling is a good new source of income and could potentially boost state finances. The shut down of 3 big poker sites earlier in the year shocked many who believe the US will soon change course, but looking at the many legislation efforts being introduced, poker might actually be the start and could lead the way for a broader legalization of online gambling.

Dangerous Game?

There has been increasing reports about robberies after people leave casinos with their winnings. Most of these have happened without the person being harmed but they lost their jackpot wins! If these incidences keep on happening more often, people will eventually prefer gambling at a casino online instead of going to the actual casino in the city. Online casinos such as offer quality online casino games which are comparable with the games in a land-based casino and often offer bonuses and promotions on top. Some will prefer to stay at home and to get their winnings straight into their bank account.

2 Huge Winners in Atlantic City

Dreams seem to become true at the moment in Atlantic City. Within two months 2 players have won around 5 million each. This incidence also happened at the same casino – the Tropicana Casino. The first player was playing blackjack while the other played a mic of craps and other table games including blackjack. If you want to know more check

Sands China development plans rejected

Sands plans for further development of hotels and casinos have been rejected by the Chinese government. Concerns have been rising that Macau’s economy is too reliant on the gambling industry. Sands is currently developing several sites but was planning on 2 more. Macau has become the new Las Vegas reaping in huge profits. The casino industry is very strong and reporting huge profit growth.

Many casinos which cannot set up in Macau are now looking to go online. With legislation easing this should become easier, although many well established and successful online casinos such as will provide plenty of competition. Online casinos provide their players with an online casino bonus and many other goodies.

Casinos to gain Strength again

After the global financial crisis and the subsequent economic downturn many casinos struggled especially in the US. Publicly owned companies such as Wynn Resort and Las Vegas Sands saw their share prices plummet. Las Vegas Sands’ share price for instance went don to 1.38 in 2009 after peaking at 148.76 a year before, similar happened to Wynn Resort.

To control the losses both companies started to diversify away from Las Vegas and into Asia. Asia was less affected by the financial crisis and places like Macau are striving again. With the US market remaining very weak and extremely competitive. Macau is taking in the profits and helping those two companies out of the worst. They will still need sometime before they are back to pre-crisis levels.

Many online casinos such as Golden Tiger Casino are also weathering the financial crisis well increasing the competition for the traditional land-based casinos. It is not only cheaper to play at a casino online but also more comfortable. With no travel and accommodation costs involved and many giving out bonuses and promotions, it is often possible to play at an online casino for free. So there are definitely many advantages which will make it harder for land-based casinos to compete.