Big Casino Building Projects For Miami

The state of Florida will soon welcome the construction of new casinos in Miami. Malaysian casino giant Genting, bought The Miami Herald building and all of the land around it, including the Omni, and announced plans to build a destination resort that would have 5,100 hotel rooms, 55 restaurants and a casino space larger than anything currently available in Las Vegas. Other companies followed announcing their desire to build in Miami and Miami Beach.

But while legislators and lobbyists have been arguing the merits of expanding casinos and online casino gambling in Florida, groups such as Genting are spending millions and are promising 100,000 new jobs and $1.7 billion a year in new taxes for the state.

Qantas resumes Flights

After an industrial dispute which has been going on since earlier in the year, Qantas decided to ground all its planes on Saturday. This caused huge disruption not only in Australia itself but all over the world with passengers getting stuck in Singapore, Hong Kong and the US. More than 70,000 passengers were affected and no one knew how long the grounding would last. Flights have resumed now after a court forced Qantas to start flying again. The damage to the airlines image is irreparable though. It has always been seen as one of the best and most reliable airlines worldwide and has disappointed many passengers now. The dispute is costing the airline around $16m!

Gambling down in Vegas

News have emerged that the gambling revenue is down on Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas is still trying to recover after revenues have plummeted in the last two years. But not all is bad news for Las Vegas the four biggest casino operators have stated that their revenues are looking better. More foreigners are now visiting Las Vegas and bringing in more money. Many of them have played at an online casino like before and now want to experience the real thing.

Next bid to make Online Gambling legal

Online casino sites have been prohibited in the US since a few years but proponents of a legalization of online gambling are winning ground. There are several lobby groups out there pushing states to change their law. One of these was New Jersey which now allows their population to play online casino games. Change is also happening in California. The process to allow online gambling has stalled but supporters have just opened websites on which users can play poker for free without betting any money on it. With online gambling legalized the bankrupt California state could also raise taxes and finance other projects.

Italy’s Credit Rating Cut

Standard & Poor’s have cut yesterday Italy’s credit rating to A/A-1 from A+/A-. They said that the outlook for the country is negative after fears arose that Italy will not be able to cut their debt, which is one of the biggest in the world. This move will fuel fears further that the Euro is in big trouble. Earlier this year many other countries had their credit rating slashed already. These include the US which was downgraded from AAA to AA+.

Novak Djokovic wins US Open in Epic Final

With the women’s final going to Sam Stosur, everyone turned their attention to the Men’s final of the US Open. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal were battling it out. In an epic final Djokovic won 6-2 6-4 6-7 (3-7) 6-1 in 4 hours 10 minutes. Nadal was hoping to beat Djokovic this time round but was beaten again. This was his sixth loss against the new US Open Champion this year. Novak Djokovic becomes also the sixth man to win three of the four majors in the same year. Apparently Nadal was betting on his own win this time. He should have rather spend his money at a casino online.