Philippines Struggle With The Aftermath of Typhoon Washi

Typhoon Washi has hit the Philippines and authorities are struggling to deal with the aftermath of devastating flooding and landslides that sent mud and logs crashing down on residents, killing around 1,000 people. The floods have destroyed several houses and businesses with extensive damage to furniture, electrical equipement and local casino slots.

While many people were washed out to sea, burials have been carried out in some areas for people who’s bodies were recovered.

There are concerns that disease could begin spreading in the shelters where thousands of survivors are now living.

President Benigno Aquino who visited the affected are says first priority is to relocate to areas that no longer pose a danger to them,” issuing instructions to implement disaster mitigation programmes, including reforestation.

He has declared a national calamity to free up funds for the recovery, but asked survivors to help by not moving back to live in “places that put your lives at constant risk”.