Deer – Ram Love Story Sparks Interest Around the Globe

A wildlife park in China has turned to the country’s half a billion internet users for advice after a deer and a ram began an unconventional liaison.
Chinese internet users have flooded the wildlife park with pleas for the unlikely couple to be allowed to remain together after their mating habits raised concerns. Their romance made headlines in China after a local television station picked up on the story, reporting that attempts to separate the pair had been unsuccessful.
The story of the inseparable pair has inspired over 1700 comments on a Chinese microblogging service comparable to Twitter. “I cried when I watched the video, this is love… they have overcome the obstacles and are finally together,” posted one user. Another posted: “Love between a sheep and deer is wonderful, perhaps something strange will be produced. I urge everyone to watch this closely.” A beautiful story that should be used for a movie or even as a theme for a new online casino game.