Casinos to gain Strength again

After the global financial crisis and the subsequent economic downturn many casinos struggled especially in the US. Publicly owned companies such as Wynn Resort and Las Vegas Sands saw their share prices plummet. Las Vegas Sands’ share price for instance went don to 1.38 in 2009 after peaking at 148.76 a year before, similar happened to Wynn Resort.

To control the losses both companies started to diversify away from Las Vegas and into Asia. Asia was less affected by the financial crisis and places like Macau are striving again. With the US market remaining very weak and extremely competitive. Macau is taking in the profits and helping those two companies out of the worst. They will still need sometime before they are back to pre-crisis levels.

Many online casinos such as Golden Tiger Casino are also weathering the financial crisis well increasing the competition for the traditional land-based casinos. It is not only cheaper to play at a casino online but also more comfortable. With no travel and accommodation costs involved and many giving out bonuses and promotions, it is often possible to play at an online casino for free. So there are definitely many advantages which will make it harder for land-based casinos to compete.