Cold Winters Make More Gamblers in Germany – Online Casino Kostenlos

In the past few years the popularity of the online casino has consistently been on the rise. Never has this been more evident than in the country of Germany. Europeans have for many years been avid players of online casino games but it is only in recent years, with the boom of the online casino, that there has been a significant rise in German players.

Researchers believe that the cold weather is to blame for this growing trend. With the German winters proving to be particularly harsh in the past five years, residents of the country tend to stay indoors and turn to their computers for entertainment.

The free casino, or online casino gratis, as it is known in Germany are by far the most popular online casinos. These casinos provide a large incentive as players can sign up and receive a free online casino bonus without depositing any money. They can then use this bonus to play casino games (or casino spiele in Germany) for one hour and any winnings made at this time can be kept by the players!

With the amount of the online casino bonuses in Germany creeping up to as large as €1500 in this competitive market, it doesn’t look like this trend will be slowing down any time soon.