Gaddafi Family flees to Algeria

Apparently Gaddafi’s wife and her daughter as well as other family members have crossed the border into Algeria. Sources think that Gaddafi himself is still in Libya together with two of his sons. Algeria stated that the refugees were received on humanitarian grounds but the rebel forces demand their extradition. Algeria seems for now the […]

Internet Gambling… the next Round

Since 2006 online gambling is illegal in the US. With budget deficits hitting the states and the federal government, online gambling proponents are making another push to legalize online gambling in the US. They are arguing that online casino and online poker sites could raise millions in tax revenues and generate thousands of jobs. Another […]

Financial Markets in Europe down after Talks

What is it about Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy? Everytime they meet financial markets are in turmoil and most of the times it is because they do not make the right decisions. The last meetings were in response to the stock markets crashing last week. They are proposing to introduce a tax on financial transaction […]

Renovations of downtown Plaza in Las Vegas almost Done

Approximately $35 Million have been spend to renew the Plaza Las Vegas hotel and casino. The Plaza will reopen soon with a new casino floor, other entertainment areas and many restaurants. The owners are hoping to attract many guest and become the preferred option for many. Las Vegas is still hoping to see their tourist […]