Maryland gets 2nd Casino

After voters approved a law to legalize slot machine gambling, the 2nd casino has opened in the state. It brings around 300 jobs to the resort town Ocean City and has over 750 slot machines on offer for all gambling fans. The new casino costs about $45 million and is hoping to attract a huge […]

Thousands inquire about Jobs

Black Bear Entertainment has received thousands of inquiries from people and businesses interested in jobs and looking for business opportunities. Voters have approved the development of a new casino and resort in Maine which is estimated to cost $165 million. Casino opponents are questioning that vote so ballots are being recounted. If the casino opens […]

Casinos looking for new Opportunities

Many land-based casinos around America have been struggling over the last couple of years after the financial crisis and the following economic downturn. While the economy is picking up in the US unemployment remains stubbornly high thus people have less money to travel to Las Vegas and spend in casinos. Revenues are down across the […]

New Jersey moving forward

A proposal has made it through state assembly in New Jersey to legalize online gambling. New Jersey might become the first state to allow online gambling. It should be interesting to see where the industry is moving from here. Legislation has also started to move in Europe. The UK for instance has opened up it’s […]

Malta the Kingdom of Gaming

Over the last couple of years Malta has seen a wave of internet gambling companies to set up operations from the tiny island. Already more then 84 companies are licensed in Malta with more to come. For Malta this provides a good source of revenue and creates new jobs. Malta provides internationals online casino and […]

Will new legislation help Atlantic City Casinos

Moody’s thinks no. The gaming market in Atlantic City is in too much trouble for it to be rescued by legislation changes. After 4 years of downturn new legislation is suppose to bring back players and help New Jersey to take in more revenues. The government wants to allow online gambling for New Jersey residents […]