Casinos to gain Strength again

After the global financial crisis and the subsequent economic downturn many casinos struggled especially in the US. Publicly owned companies such as Wynn Resort and Las Vegas Sands saw their share prices plummet. Las Vegas Sands’ share price for instance went don to 1.38 in 2009 after peaking at 148.76 a year before, similar happened […]

Las Vegas Casinos are ignoring Smoking Ban

It seems to be still perfectly normal for people to smoke in Las Vegas Casinos. A recent NYTimes report uncovered that the public smoking ban was not enforced in casinos. The casino staff is pressing for change alarmed by the 2nd hand smoke they have to breath in everyday at work. Many casino is argue […]

Prince William and Kate Middleton getting Married soon

In the UK everyone is going crazy. Finally after 8 years of waiting Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. The wedding is planned for the end of April this year. Many see the wedding as savior of the monarchy which has seen its reputation and popularity plummet. Speculations around the wedding are the […]

People playing less Slots

Since August people have been playing less on slot machines but revenue from slot machines is up in many casinos. Hollywood casinos blames the new table games which have been introduced increasing the choice for people to gamble. At the same time revenue on slots have been up since casinos seem to offer less free […]

Online Gambling Made Illegal in South Africa

The North Gauteng High Court in South Africa has ruled for making online gambling illegal. The court decided that it is illegal to ‘use digital products to gamble in South Africa. Enforcing the ban will be difficult since a large percentage of residents gamble online. A complete ban of online casinos such as the famous […]

Gambling legal in Sri Lanka

Gambling in Sri Lanka has been approved by the government to boost tourism. Sri Lanka is working hard to increase its tourist numbers and is using the new gambling boom in Asia to ramp up numbers. Singapore and Macau have seen tourist come in spending at their casinos and increasing local revenue. Sri Lanka is […]