Casinos looking for new Opportunities

Many land-based casinos around America have been struggling over the last couple of years after the financial crisis and the following economic downturn. While the economy is picking up in the US unemployment remains stubbornly high thus people have less money to travel to Las Vegas and spend in casinos. Revenues are down across the […]

Malta the Kingdom of Gaming

Over the last couple of years Malta has seen a wave of internet gambling companies to set up operations from the tiny island. Already more then 84 companies are licensed in Malta with more to come. For Malta this provides a good source of revenue and creates new jobs. Malta provides internationals online casino and […]

Will new legislation help Atlantic City Casinos

Moody’s thinks no. The gaming market in Atlantic City is in too much trouble for it to be rescued by legislation changes. After 4 years of downturn new legislation is suppose to bring back players and help New Jersey to take in more revenues. The government wants to allow online gambling for New Jersey residents […]

Las Vegas Sands grows in Asia

The growth of the Las Vegas Sands casino has surprised many analysts this month. The company was struggling a few years ago before it expanded into Asia. Opening a casino in Singapore as well as in Macau helped increase their profits. The strong growth of gambling profits in Asia contributed to Las Vegas Sands profitability. […]

Foxwoods enters Online Casino Market

The land-based casino operator Foxwood has announced that it will form a joint venture with Goodson Gaming. The aim is to create a new online casino combining it with a weekly television game show. The game show will help promote the new casino. Many other land-based casino operators have been looking into a move online. […]

Spot Betting and Match Fixing

With the help of the internet, spot betting has become more and more common.Through spot betting people are able to bet money on a pre-determined sporting event at a certain time. In cricket, for example, if the first ball will be a wide one or a no-ball. With the Pakistani cricket team under immense pressure […]