Online Gambling Made Illegal in South Africa

The North Gauteng High Court in South Africa has ruled for making online gambling illegal. The court decided that it is illegal to ‘use digital products to gamble in South Africa. Enforcing the ban will be difficult since a large percentage of residents gamble online. A complete ban of online casinos such as the famous […]

New Jersey moving forward

A proposal has made it through state assembly in New Jersey to legalize online gambling. New Jersey might become the first state to allow online gambling. It should be interesting to see where the industry is moving from here. Legislation has also started to move in Europe. The UK for instance has opened up it’s […]

Singapore’s Casino Market gains Momentum

Singapore’s gambling market is expected to become the 2nd largest in Asia-Pacific next year. With strong growth since opening of the two new casinos and resorts it is expected to take in $2.8 billion this year and reach $5.5 billion next year. The number one is still and will remain Macau with projected revenue of […]

Foxwoods enters Online Casino Market

The land-based casino operator Foxwood has announced that it will form a joint venture with Goodson Gaming. The aim is to create a new online casino combining it with a weekly television game show. The game show will help promote the new casino. Many other land-based casino operators have been looking into a move online. […]

The Beauty and the Beast

The new Channel 4 TV show, Beauty and the Beast, has drawn tremendous criticism from world media. The reality show apparently figures two people living together, one of them is disfigured and the other ‘normal’. The show captures the life of two people and seeks to give its viewer a peep into how beauty governs […]

More bad News for Atlantic City

Atlantic City has been struggling since the financial crisis and since the US is still not fully recovered and unemployment numbers are up, prospects are not looking great. The numbers for Atlantic City most endangered casinos is painting a grim picture. The 3rd quarter numbers show big losses while numbers in Las Vegas are looking […]